I hate it when I do that!

I like to work on my house. This can cause injury if you're not careful. A good book that describes stuff like this is The Walls Around Us by David Owen. He successfully plays the unique way "guys" look at and act about things against the pitfalls that can come restoring a very old house.

I have been trying to get my house fixed up for many years now. I thought it would be a cool idea to put lights in my basement, so I could set up a workshop down there with a real work bench.

So I'm working along, stripping Romex and screwing together wires when I decide to try and open up some Romex without the cool Romex opening tool, which I actually don't have. I take out my Swiss Army knife and, while actually thinking, "This is kinda dumb. I might cut my finger," I take the knife and try to split this plastic. The material is kind of stiff, so you have to push pretty hard for it to give, and the Swiss Army knife is probably not as sharp as it could be.

Slip! "Hey, that went into my finger. Was it deep? Well, it's not bleeding yet--- uh oh, it's bleeding now!" I went upstairs into the bathroom, and doing my best imitation of Dan Akroyd doing Julia Child chopping chickens, I try to staunch the flow of blood. "Maybe I should run down to the Emergency room. Yeah, that would be a good idea."

The blood sufficiently clotted so I can drive, I go the 5 blocks to the hospital and go into the emergency room. Two hours later I had my 5 stitches, and my lesson is learned. I did something stupid and I didn't die.

Oh, and here's what it looked like, three days after the accident!

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