7 easy steps to working double-hungs

1. Stand in front of the window. Assess situation. Talk self out of f--king up.

2. Begin to release upper sash. Two steps here, first is to separate sash from casement by cutting through old paint with putty knife and hammer. Take putty knife in one hand, hammer in other. Place putty knife between sash and casement. Try not to split wood. Second step is to strip paint off of window stops with scraper or heat gun. Shop vac the paint remnants. Once sash is free, go to next step.

3. Remove window molding to get at sash weights. Take putty knife in one hand, hammer in other. Look for voids. Stick putty knife in void, carefully attempting to split molding from casement without splitting anything. Once molding is free, remove any nails that remain. Remove lower sash.

4. Replace any broken or fraying sash cords that are found. Tie funky knot to keep weight from falling. Replace sash in window, fixing knot on other of sash cord into provided hole.

5. Test windows extensively, by moving them up and down and saying the word, "Cool" over and over again.

6. Reattach moldings and test window some more.

7. Repeat from step 1 for next window.

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