It's Sold!

After 13 years, we sold the house. We fixed up the bathroom and painted the outside, and next thing you know, it was sold.

We'd been looking at other houses, and saw one that we liked nearby. The realtor selling that house called our realtor and said, "Well, are they interested?" Our realtor told them that we had to sell our house first. Of course, we weren't ready to buy the other house, and it got sold to someone else.

In the meantime, we'd been trying to get the house fixed up, by finishing the bathroom remodeling, painting the outside, painting the kitchen, and repairing the kitchen floor from the damage caused by our dear sweet little dog, Bink, who felt that perhaps if he kept digging through the floor, he could escape the kitchen and find us at work.

The other realtor then mentioned that he might have a buyer, where was our house and could they drive by. After their drive by, they wanted to see the inside, and then they made an offer for the amount we wanted, even with the kitchen destroyed by the dogs!

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